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Operation: T.R.E.A.T.Y. (2007)

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Expanded Acronym: Teens Readily Extend Armistice To Youngsters
The KND and the Teens are about to sign the "You don't mess with us-We don't mess with you" Kid-Teen treaty. It is going to be signed by Numbuh Infinity and the Teens' leader, but it turns out to be a trap for the KND, making Numbuhs 1 and 274 set out to prevent it after being falsely convicted by the KND.In a flashback, Numbuh 1 is given his entrance exam into the Kids Next Door. Once he exceeds beyond expectations, he is congratulated by Numuh 274, who shows him the "shoes-tied-together" trick, the oldest one in the book. After that, Numbuh 8 by 10 takes a photograph of the two shaking hands.
In the present, the teens and kids set up a treaty to end their feud. While thinking about the possible peace, Number 1 hears shouts in Numbuh Infinity's room. Inside, Numbuh Infinity and the teen leader Chad, are fighting and other KND kids rush in and Numbuh Infinity tells them to arrest Numbuh 1! While being transported to KND Antarctic Prison, Numbuh 1 escapes and suspects the treaty is a trap. This is confirmed by Chad who admits that it was trap. Chad then sabotages the prison ship and is forced to drag Num 1 along, since they're handcuffed to each other. They arrive at a mini-mart in the middle of nowhere, which Chad reveals is actually a teen base. Discovered by the other teens, angry that Chad showed Numbuh 1 their hideout, Chad and Numbuh 1 commandeer a bike to fly to the treaty.

All kid and teen agents meet up on a giant floating platform were the trap is sprung, as the teens unleash powerful bombardment of heavy metal music upon all KND operatives, while they are protected with earplugs. At the same time, the bike that both Numbuh 1 and Chad had hijacked crash into the boom box, disrupting the music. Numbuh 362 then calls all of the KND to fight. Immediately, fighting breaks out across the platform.

Meanwhile, Sector V chase down Numbuh Infinity, only to be cornered Numbuh 48 Flavors, who wasn't in league with the KND Splinter Cell as Numbuh 1 suspected, but was refusing Infinity's request to give out ice cream; Numbuh 48 Flavors distastes how every sector steals his ice cream that he spends a lot of time to deliver. He reveals that he planning on blowing up the platform so that no one will steal from him again. Numbuh Infinity regains his composure and states that this situations calls for diplomacy. He then shouts for Sector V to charge. They wrestle with Numbuh 48 Flavors over the detonators but fail to stop him from pressing it, causing an explosion of chocolate ice cream that tears the platform apart.

Up top, Numbuh 1 and Chad are stilling wrestling with each other. Numbuh 1 soon has his opponent caught on a precipice after tying his shoes together. But before he could finish off his former rolemodel, the rest of Sector V turn up in a ship, urging him not to do it. As Numbuh 5 explains, "He's one of us." Turns out, Chad is in fact a Teen Operative and has always been working for the KND; he even claims that he was trying to stop Cree from sending the Moonbase into the Sun. And just today, Chad was going to warn Numbuh Infinity about the teens' trap, but Numbuh 1 blew his cover. Practically every mission Sector V ever went on, Chad was there helping on the sidelines. But "they" still picked Numbuh 1 and not him. Numbuh 1 asks if he's referring to the Splinter Cell. Chad screams to the skies that there is no Splinter Cell; "They" used that to cover their tracks. He goes on to explain that there are KND operatives not even Numbuh 362 knows about. But before he can elaborate further, Numbuh Infinity stops him. Walking down a flight of energy stairs, he reminds Chad that Numbuh 1 will learn what he's been chosen for in due time. But for now, they have to return to base since their positions are compromised. Then they both pick their noses and vanish. Afterwards no one saw Chad or Numbuh Infinity again after that day. Then it is revealed that the two unknown kids talking about Numbuh 1 for the past season is Numbuhs Infinity and 74.239. They say Numbuh 1 is ready to be taken away. However, Numbuh Infinity tells Numbuh 74.239 to stop using the voice synthesizers. Numbuh 74.239 demonstrates how cool it is by saying a deep voice, "Nigel Uno, I am your father!"


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Whole or part of the information contained in this card come from the Wikipedia article "List of Codename: Kids Next Door episodes", licensed under CC-BY-SA full list of contributors here.